We provide project management consulting services for capital improvement investments.

We have vast experience in project planning, implementation, and monitoring, allowing us to assist clients in remaining on track and achieving their objectives.

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Clients retain us to handle projects within our area of expertise

Typical responsibilities include identifying and handling complicated regulatory requirements, such as those of the FDA and CDC, coordinating many internal/external stakeholders, and establishing processes for on-time and within-budget project delivery.


Bringing over 3 decades of experience to the table, we're not just experts in project management, we're realists in executing your visions.

At Proven Virtual Assessments, we are dedicated to realizing the visions of our clients through expert consulting services for capital improvement projects. Our extensive experience in project planning, execution, and monitoring allows us to help clients stay on track and meet their goals. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food, Biostatistics, and Contract Research Organizations. Trust in our competence and experience to bring your project to life.

Project Planning

Experienced in developing project structure, objectives, and resource needs

Regulatory Compliance

Identifying and handling complicated regulatory requirements, such as those of the FDA and CDC

Stakeholder Coordination

Coordinating with internal and external relevant stakeholders

On-Time Delivery

Regular and frequent meetings to ensure the on-time delivery of your project's goals and needs.

Real Estate Development

Offering capital investment studies, master plan development, and contractor selection services for real estate development projects

IT Solutions

Upgrading network infrastructure and developing database systems and applications for clients

Digital Marketing

Conducting feasibility studies and marketing campaigns to attract investment and evaluate market potential

Financial Management

Generate job financial predictions for each ongoing project, cash flow and budget tracking, and KPI (Key performance indices) tracking reports on an ongoing basis.

Project Implementation

Employing theoretical, managerial, and technological skills to accomplish specified goals and deliverables.

Project Monitoring

Providing intimate coordination and feedback to our client's project and organization team with frequent discussions

Business Support

Assisting in comprehensive business development services including  administrative, operational, and regulatory needs

Marketing/Business Development

Establishing a results-driven model that coincides with the goals and needs of our clients.

Prospective clients

Tailored Solutions for Established & Startup Clients: Maximizing Success through Customized Expertise

Established Clients

Capital investment for real estate development for specific regulated manufacturing and research activities.
Improvement/upgrade of enterprise IT applications and systems.

Startup and Newly Created Clients

Real estate development, lease or own analysis.
Plan and provide business infrastructure solutions, including Enterprise Reporting Platforms(ERP) for financial and other activities centralize reporting and tracking and other IT features.
Digital marketing solutions, and other web-based applications for new projects.

We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started

Our Project Management approach

Getting to know the client's business environment in order to effectively lead projects.
Defining a project's structure, goals, and resource requirements.
Using established processes/applications, manage project risks, contingency plans, and mitigation plans.
Developing and implementing contingency plans, developing roadmaps, and making periodic recommendations.
Putting in place a solid project management strategy for task interdependence.
Using theoretical, managerial, and technical skills to achieve predetermined goals and deliverables.
Coordination with relevant stakeholders both within and outside of the organization.
Allocating tasks to the project management team and providing regular guidance to team members Ensuring project scope and schedule are met within the time and budget constraints.
Performing periodic reviews to ensure that projects remain on track.
Consistently updating project documentation and communicating it to management.

Business Development | IT Infrastructure | Marketing Services

Business systems and support services
Plan/upgrade company network infrastructure hardware and operation systems.
Develop/update/maintain company database applications for cost and performance.
Develop/update/maintain company intranet and internet website services.
Business Development/Marketing Services
Conducting complete series of feasibility studies  
Developing business plans, suiting key requirement 
Business model/services feasibility research 
Determining scope and profile of the competition in current or future markets
Investment attraction from the private/public origins.   
Evaluations of foreign and domestic market potentials
Organizational process and structure re-assessments for new market development strategies
Campaign evaluations
Communication strategies for existing or future markets
Multi-media advertising
Creative (ad copy, graphics and media releases) services 
Communications/media costs audit services,
Generate reports of assessment to fulfill strategic marketing or investment attraction goals.
New and state of the art service and construction methodology and new installation and project execution technology evaluations

Real Estate Development Investment services

Study & Design Period Service
Conceptual capital investment studies for campus site and facilities construction
Master Plan Development for large sites
Assist and coordinate the land Entitlement process
Coordinate and participate in the selection of design architects and consultants
Coordinate and lead Concept design development with clients and architects/consultants
and architects
Coordinate and track Detail design development between clients and architects and consultants

Bid preparation/Presentation Services
Finalize formal bid package for large projects
Coordinate bid offer solicitation from General and sub-contractors. 
Prepare and coordinate bid packages for in-person presentations by vendors to clients.
Contractor selection, establish criteria scoring and ranking.
Pre-Execution Period Services
Establish a project database for each new project.
Establish project financial (budget/cash flow) and KPI (Key Performance Index) for tracking.
Coordinate project documentation upload and updates for each projected database.
Establish level 1 and level 2 project schedules using MS Project, and Primavera cloud-based applications.
Project Execution Period Services
Oversight of all projects in various job sites.
Periodic job site visits to each project site to establish work progress, and completion. (travel to job sites)
Generate Work progress reports
Attend by-weekly various project meetings, with arch/designers/subs/client reps.
Generate job financial projections for each ongoing project, cash flow, and budget tracking,
KPI (Key performance indices) on-going tracking reports.
Regular 1:1 client meetings for job performance feedback.
Prepare and stage substantially completed project areas with furnishings/casework and personal properties for client feedback and buy-off.
Coordinate furnishings/casework and hardware for staging activities if required.
Post Execution Services
Finalize each project performance report based on KPIs and finance reports.
Update company database application for job estimation and performance/cost projection based on latest projects KPIs.
Client meetings for performance feedback documentation

Compensation Methodology

Contracts for our services are primarily based on hourly rates, with "time and materials" or "not to exceed" lump sum values. (Typical contract durations range from a minimum of three months to several years, or three or more years for major projects.)
Projects are billed at regular intervals or upon fulfillment of milestones